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St Lucia
    • Capital city: Castries
    • Languages: English
    • Population: 179,232 (2017)
    • Nearest country: Martinique(81.5km)
    • Total area: 617 km2
    • Visa free countries: 145
    • Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar


A. National Economic Fund Contribution

  • US$100,000: Single applicant.
  • US$135,000: Main applicant with spouse.
  • US$185,000: Family with up to 3 dependents (spouse + 2 children).
  • US$25,000: Each additional dependent.

B. Real Estate Investments

Applicants may purchase property valued at a minimum of US$300,000 in a pre-approved real estate development area. The property must be owned and maintained for a minimum of five years. Property registration, processing fees and taxes must be paid in addition to the property purchase.

C. Government Bond Investment

Upon approval an applicant and accompanying family may opt to invest in Saint Lucia government bonds, which must be held for five years. The bond amount will vary depending on the size of the family.

  • US$500,000: Single applicant.
  • US$535,000: Main applicant and spouse.
  • US$550,000: Family with up to 3 dependents (spouse + 2 children).
  • US$25,000: Each additional dependent.
  • The government bond option carries an administration fee of US$50,000 per application.


St Lucia is an independent Commonwealth State, having gained independence from the UK on 22 February 1979, a day celebrated each year with a public holiday. The country is located in the Eastern Caribbean and has a beautiful mountain terrain, including Mount Gimie and the
Pitons, which are the island’s most famous landmarks.
St Lucia is a United Nations, OECS, and CARICOM member. The regional currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD), which is pegged to the US Dollar.
An educated workforce and improvements in roads, communications, water supply, sewerage and port facilities have attracted significant foreign investment in the tourism and offshore banking industries. Tourism remains the countrys main source of jobs and income and accounts for 65% of the GDP.


  • Visa-free travel to 146 countries including the EU, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Full citizenship with passport granted to main applicant, spouse, children, and parents or grandparents
  • Required donation is from USD 100,000
  • Offers citizenship by descent for future children
  • Lowest capital outlay for a single applicant across all Caribbean program
  • No minimum presence requirement
  • A genuine, natural landscape of gorgeous palm-fringed beaches, miles of unspoiled rainforest and the majestic Piton Mountains, are sure to indulge every taste